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[audio]Lav34 - emanuele errante
"Gouache" is a French word that derives from the Italian "gouache" and indicates a particular technique of painting in which colors are dissolved in the murky water and arabic gum. Naples, where this technique was affirmed at the end of the eighteenth century, is a colorful city dissolved into a vortex of problems and wrongdoing. Its colorful streets, its colors sometimes strong and sometimes evanescent, infuse cheerfulness that contrasts with the sad daily reality of a city that seemingly has n...
Keywords: electronica; ambient
Downloads: 1,457
[audio]daydreaming EP - Halo XVI
ENG: There was a time when, shyly, a word travelled the late '70s innovative sound paths. That word were âambientâ. While following the âdaydreamâ, we can perfectly see that âevening starâ wich enlight the way for us, shadow and silence travellers. The new Halo XVI work is this: ambient music in its purest form, a receptacle where to lay down, during the whole 5 tracks, our loads of imaginative dreams...
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 1,051
[audio]A long white sleep - Leonardo Rosado
How many shades can exist within just one minute of perception? How many landscapes may unfold to this perception? Which colour could be sued to describe it? Leonardo Rosado has chosen the "white" and he succeded in penetrating all its cromatic variations, from the soft and cozy up the most distant and shining ones. And he did it by using a wall made of virtual sound, a Barrier arousen from our penetration inability that magically disolves as soon as the intuition of the sound becomes perceptibl...
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 884
[audio]Lav 56 01 Monologue The Ghost Prelude - matera
Laverna.net release n.56Monologue "Perfect Imperfection"
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 544
[audio]toy stories - DAF
The second release by DAF brings us beautiful, warm and nostalgic atmosphere of the distant childhood. Alexander Ivanov continues mixing abstract ambient soundscapes with thorny and smeared downtempo/IDM beats... and he makes it very good.
Keywords: ambient, downtempo
Downloads: 14,220
[audio]Piano Texture Found - Bruno Sanfilippo
Bruno Sanfilippo - âPiano texture Foundâ (Lav52) Laverna ha deciso di allontanarsi dal solito percorso espressamente electronic oriented per dedicarsi alla delicata introspezione che solo il suono di un Grand Piano può donare. Lo ha fatto con âPiano Texture Foundâ, tre tracce di esemplare purezza ambient create da Bruno Sanfilippo, musicista argentino trapiantato a Barcellona, che interpreta la diafana bellezza del silenzio racchiudendolo dentro gocce di limpida sacralità pianistica...
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 1,024
[audio]Lav36 - stefano guzzetti
The Immaculate Silence of Microcosms Frames resting gently apon the constant imagination of a dreamer, diluted shots break the silence of sound that emerges spontaneously from the slow breathing of nature that gradually transforms into genuine symphony of life. 'Silent Microcosms ' is just that: a tribute to life, the slow slide along our everday journey through reality, day after day. A heavy and treacherous path , full of obstacles and pitfalls , disappointments and pain...
Keywords: electronica; ambient
Downloads: 1,034
[audio]Lav38 - massimo liverani
Massimo Liverani: 'Rilassamento binaurale' Cat. N° Lav38 La crescita e la trasformazione del suono è materia da sempre cara a Laverna, e questo lavoro ne è descrizione e bandiera. Basta leggere la presentazione della release per comprenderne la particolarità , una innovativa concettualità  sonora che Massimo Liverani, ricercatore musicale e studioso di sperimentazione sonora ha voluto proporre attraverso la nostra label...
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 2,673
[audio]Lav22_gigi_masin-the_last_dj - gigi masin
This compilation of new tracks comes after a very long time. Except for some issues of previous unreleased music and some sporadic contributions, this is the first list of Gigi Masin's new tunes after almost 15 years. A couple of years ago Masin came back to music, recording new music, playing live after a long period of silence. This release with Laverna.net is called 'THE LAST DJ' and it's a friendly homage to Mirco Salvadori (the mentor of this compilation) and all those people that had in th...
Keywords: ambient; electronica
Downloads: 2,162 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]transient - waveform e.p. [Lav14] - transient
Another great contribution to "netlabel scene" from Transient. He brings the electronic sound to his basical origins, up to find again the native waveform.. this work, therefore, moves the attention on the structures of the sequences and on the composition, in combining with the effect of the pure sounds.. waveform e.p. made entirely with the Bhajis Loops software and constructed from only raw waveforms (sine, saw, tri, square) and a few of the GM soundbanks included with the program..
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 4,227
[audio]Lav 58 Molven Network - matera
last release from Molven
Keywords: ambient. electronica; idm
Downloads: 279
[audio]removed memories - molven
Il tema è la memoria, ma intesa come articolazione tra dati "puri" e dimensione emotiva, tra supporti tecnici e vita umana. Le memorie elettroniche personali contengono enormi quantità di informazioni e supportano la memoria relativa alla nostra vita. Ma in che modo influenzano il ricordo? La sua dimensione emotiva viene in qualche modo condizionata o alterata da questi supporti esterni? L'immaginario umano si costruisce su un orizzonte che è quello del proprio spazio e del proprio tempo e an...
Keywords: electronics; ambient; IDM
Downloads: 1,013
[audio]glacial lagoon - enrico coniglio
Enrico Coniglio here is investigating the different shades of Ambient music, with a particular reference to the soundscapes of the Venice lagoon, according to a narrative and imaginative point of view. This work is focused on the relationship between 'music' and 'landscape', in an attempt to represent the crisis of the contemporary territory, the loss of naturalness and identity of places, and the unknown on the evolution of post-urban and post-industrial landscape...
Keywords: ambient; electronic; expreimental
Downloads: 964
[audio]Lav37 - sentimental machines
sentimental machines - the silent bride
Keywords: ambient; electronica; experimental
Downloads: 798
[audio]reverse universe - molven
E' la prima di una serie di escursioni nel settore ambient/IDM della scena netlabel. come in una sorta di trasmissione radio o podcast tentiamo di fare i punto della situazione presente, con una lista abbastanza corposa di tracce che assumono la forma di set mixato costruito su successivi incastri tra brani e brevi spezzoni che creano molte variazioni su una base di atmosfere quasi omogenea. TRACKLIST: 1...
Keywords: ambient; electronica; IDM
Downloads: 391
[audio]Lav32 - vain foam
The coming back of a prolific and very interesting artist. Vain Foam takes us into a trip through the visionary sound that distinguish. His music play in your muscles, in your venis.. His power is to ride the sound waves to build a sound painting during time to time. The whole trip is called Collected Works, and is divided in two parts. From IDM back to ambient: an ultra visionary landscape that transform from intelligent movements back to elegiac portraits" The first of this path will be a doub...
Keywords: electronica; ambient; IDM
Downloads: 797
[audio]Lav33 - vain foam
Here we are with the second part of the journey in to IDM that Vain Foam has undertaken with Laverna.net. Also for this side b of the Collected Works for the IDM, the sounds are those that have accompanied us and impressioning so many fans. Intelligent music that continues in its process of recognition. IDM pure, funny and fascinating.
Keywords: electronica; ambient; IDM
Downloads: 1,296
[audio]remembering - vain foam
this music is about our greatest memories transformed into music. some memories are short, some are longer. some feel confusing, some you cannot describe with words. some feel beautiful, some feel sad. it tries to rebuild the flavour of those special days, that nothing can really archive, but music. you cannot touch this music, you cannot hold it in your hands. the only way to get this music is to feel it.
Keywords: electronic; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 1,105
[audio]live@stalker 31-03-2007 - various
ENG: In this event has been not only a musical event but also an experiment in which the real dimension that was being developed in the physical place of the stalker club in Padova, was connected in bidirectional way with the virtual dimension. While in audio-video streaming we sent on SL the live images of the Stalker from a videocamera, a video-floodlight connected to a PC send images from the island 'panther crossing' in SL (175,165,32)...
Keywords: ambient, downtempo, idm
Downloads: 3,174
[audio]Alternatives - Paolo Veneziani
Our musical journey reaches a land that is clearly experimental. It does this with the new release of the artist Paolo Veneziani, 3 years after his debut album “1995 – 2005” for the friends of “Ogredung”. The musical language we have in common is characterized by infinite possibilities of modulating a sound, infinite ways of expression, as there are infinite life experiences. “Alternatives” in fact...
Keywords: ambient; electronica; experimental
Downloads: 992
[audio]#11 - LLS04
When I plunged into the sound of “#11” I had a vision reminding me of one of my favorite films: deserted grounds hardly covered with a thin water surface betraying the vital element that once breathed and lived there. I suddenly realize that I follow the tracks of this very first work of the duo LLS04, just like the two protagonists of the film learned to follow the Stalker all the way to the mystery of the “Zone”...
Keywords: electronic; ambient; shoegaze
Downloads: 1,570
[audio]Lavmix07 - The Infant T(h)ree
Tentare di 'sentire' il Mondo Nascosto dell'Emozione attraverso l'uso di mezzi elementari ed antichi come il suono e la parola: questo è ciò che gli Infant T(h)ree si son proposti di fare fin dall'inizio. Entrare da subito in contatto diretto con il nucleo emotivo e cercare di trasportarlo in un mondo solitamente lontano e distratto. Per far questo si è dovuto ricorrere alla poesia silenziosamente sonora di Gigi Masin, ai riverberi notturni di Massimo Berizzi ed alle liriche visionarie ...
Keywords: Ambient; Xperimental; ArtMusic
Downloads: 281
[audio]nocturnal emission 1st flight - various
A Flight inside the Tangible Reality of the Imagination. The only chance to try a listening immersion: Flight. The absence of gravity lets us move in space and time using our imagination and memories as our propeller. It is a Flight that began many years ago with just night-time departures that used ether to spread the travel maps, they were radio broadcasts called “Nocturnal Emission” and “Red Planet”, they were virtual lighthouses that lit up an endless extremely electronic and unknown...
Keywords: ambient; electronica; IDM
Downloads: 6,273 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Lav31 - The Infant T(h)ree
Trying to” feel” the Hidden World of the Emotion through elementary and old means such as the sound and the words. This is what The Infant T(h)ree meant to do since their origin: entering from the very beginning in direct contact with the Emotional Kernel and trying to move it into a world which is normally away and absent. To achieve this (target) it has been necessary to draw on the well of the silent sound of Gigi Masin’s poetry, Massimo Berizzi’s nocturnal echoes and Mirco Salvadori...
Keywords: ambient; electronica; experimental
Downloads: 579
[audio]Lav35 A.A.V.V. - LATE NIGHT BROADCAST - vv.aa.
The Ceremony of listening is something accorded to a few. It is not for many to know how to caress the dim light that comes in through the tiny window which discloses the way to follow among thousands of paths marked by letters and numbers, only a few succeed in synchronize their own vibrating with that strange creature made of ethereal emission, again only a few can perceive that whispering sigh that turns into melodious singing as long as the night climbs up to the notes: one after the other s...
Keywords: electronic; ambient; idm
Downloads: 2,773
[audio]Boule à Neige - Giulio Aldinucci
Boule à neige: luminescenza di gioia Entro in questo piccolo teatro dove tutto è colorato con tenui tinte color pistacchio e mi siedo attendendo che il sipario si alzi. E' un luogo di dimensioni veramente minime ma ha la particolarità di ampliare qualsiasi suono venga prodotto al suo interno. Di suoni qui dentro se ne sentono parecchi, a dir il vero: sembra si stia costruendo il fondale per una rappresentazione indefinita come può esserlo lo spazio racchiuso dentro ognuno di noi, sembra qua...
Keywords: aldinucci, laverna, ambient, electronic, obsil
Downloads: 527
[audio]At dawn and dusk you come - twysxu
At dawn and dusk you come nasce come serie di improvvisazioni registrate in un'unica giornata senza nulla di premeditato e partendo principalmente da suoni generati spontaneamente e non da campioni pre-registrati. In fase di mixaggio nulla è stato tolto o aggiunto, si è lavorato soltanto sulle durate delle singole parti e sui volumi per lasciare intatta la spontaneità del materiale. twys - chitarra, effetti a pedale, looper, ipad xu - oggetti piezo-amplificati, effetti a pedale, looper, sampl...
Keywords: laverna; music; free; download; ambient
Downloads: 167
[audio]Ars Memorativa - Vain Foam
ABOUT "ARS MEMORATIVA": "ars memorativa", latin for "the art of memory", is a general term used to designate a loosely associated group of mnemonic principles and techniques used to organize memory impressions, improve recall, and assist in the combination and 'invention' of ideas. inspired by this old technique, this album is a tribute to moments, memories, places, feelings and atmospheres. it can be seen as the sequel to the album "remembering" that was released on laverna in late 2009.
Keywords: ambient, music, laverna, vain foam, ars memorativa
Downloads: 1,209
[audio]Areas Of Darkness And Light - Bing Satellites
Bing Satellites è il moniker dietro al quale si manifesta il talento di Brin Coleman da Manchester, musicista molto prolifico in ambito shoegaze ed ambient. Con questo gioiello in classico stile ambient, si inaugura un periodo di collaborazioni con altre net label, nell'ottica della qualità del suono e dell'abbattimento delle distanze, tipico della rete, da noi tutti scelta come "nostra casa". Brin è infatti owner dell'importante net label BFW Recordings che vanta, sia come etichetta, sia com...
Keywords: laverna, bing, satellites, ambient, music, electronics, netlabel
Downloads: 576
[audio]Not In My Family Tree - EASYCHORD
“Un risveglio poco accogliente, dove dalle mille fessure vedo le mie ombre trascinarsi sul terreno, disegnando nuovi contorni a mia immagine e somiglianza. Così ti seguo nel giorno, afferro la vita dai polsi percorrendo la via dei grattacieli e costruisco mondi immaginari in cui farvi vivere, situazioni durante le quali conoscervi. Ho abitato il mio letto con poco profitto, ma ora mi sveglio. E, tra tutte le azioni naturali che un uomo come me potrebbe compiere in una giornata come questa, qu...
Keywords: netlabel; free download; easychord; laverna, electronic, ambient
Downloads: 509
[audio]Lav39 - Elisa Luu
Elisa Luu - EBBREZZA La rarefatta costruzione dell'ebbrezza La lentezza va di pari passo con la costruzione ideale del suono perfetto. Un andare che sfiora vecchie angolazioni musicali e le trasforma in nuove icone di silenziosa ed evanescente bellezza. Un sovrapporsi di infinitesimali tocchi dall'aura translucida che, apparentemente invisibili vanno a sommarsi ed a mescolarsi in un unico equilibrio, tutti contenuti dentro un universo sonoro man mano sempre più riconoscibile...
Keywords: laverna, elisa, luu, electronic, ambient, music
Downloads: 778 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]High Fidelity - Bing Satellites

Keywords: netlabel; free download; bing satellites; laverna, electronic, ambient
Downloads: 567
[audio]Lav 62 Slow Beats - Laverna
TEMPLEZONE – Slow Beats – presentazione Come viaggiatori insaziabili raggiungere le terre indistinte ai margini del ricordo. Affacciarsi sul ciglio del confine invisibile che unisce il presente con il passato e ciò che ancora non è, con la percezione viva di poter lasciarsi andare nel vuoto senza tema di cadere dentro un nulla senza fine. Allungare le braccia e volare, tuffandosi dentro un'essenza colma, pregna, viva, intensa, epica, lisergica, che trabocca di commozione e violenta connes...
Keywords: laverna.net; fe music; electronic; ambient; beat; templezone; giorgio; ricci; micro; salvadori; netlabel
Downloads: 5
[audio]Lav 62 - Laverna
TEMPLEZONE – Slow BeatsCome viaggiatori insaziabili raggiungere le terre indistinte ai margini del ricordo. Affacciarsi sul ciglio del confine invisibile che unisce il presente con il passato e ciò che ancora non è, con la percezione viva di poter lasciarsi andare nel vuoto senza tema di cadere dentro un nulla senza fine.Allungare le braccia e volare, tuffandosi dentro un'essenza colma, pregna, viva, intensa, epica, lisergica, che trabocca di commozione e violenta connessione tardo romantica...
Keywords: laverna.net; electronic; ambient; giorgio; ricci; mirco; salvadori; netlabel; free music
Downloads: 237
[audio]fosforo - jangala [Lav03] - fosforo
Fosforo started producing music in 1992 with modtracker, a sample playback tracker. From 1994 to 2000 he has collaborated with many musical reality in Parma. Now is a member of DDD, a digital Dj project born in Padova, totally made using laptops and midicontrollers. This track submit attenuate atmospheres in breakbeat rithm..
Keywords: Ambient/Dnb
Downloads: 722
[audio]matera - program_zero [Lavmix01] - matera
Program zero: a dj-set for experimental dancefloor. It is the attempt to move into the creative commons dominion years of listening and dj-set, between ambient tech-house and experimentations, between dancefloor and headphones.
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Techno; Electronica
Downloads: 766
[audio]under the arcades - micromix
ENG Under these arcades, while the last of the night bathes the paving-slabs with moisture. Under these arcades where everything seems immobile, finished, dead. Under these arcades, only the staccato rhythm of my footsteps, whose noise is masked by the sound: sound that slides along the stones which exude silence, sound that emanates from the base of the columns and clambers up and up, beyond the archways, only to fall back in a thousand fragments on the marble of the paving and ricochet in its ...
Keywords: ambient, IDM, downtempo
Downloads: 1,335
[audio]various - red planet vol.2 [Lav13] - various
This second episode of the series red planet takes the discourse again on the local electronic scene. It try a representation of electronic music for listening ambit, among ambient, downtempo and experimentation. In this episode is more consistent the contribution of artists coming from different zones. Beginning from the wonderful atmospheres by well known american artist transient, up to the darkest and introspective collection of drones, harmonics and clicks by english project LUM; but also i...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Downtempo
Downloads: 14,465
[audio]DAF - artificial fibres [Lav15] - DAF
Alexander Ivanov builds a way that sweep from ambient-downtempo atmospheres to the bright fragments breakbeat-IDM of the formidable track eclipse realized in collaboration with the friend Lifeform. A good debut that puts the young russian musician among the emergent talents of the netlabel scene.
Keywords: Downtempo, IDM; Ambient
Downloads: 9,363 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
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